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Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, and that means that it won’t be long until the hot, humid summer season will be upon us. What better time to prepare yourself to beat the summer heat than right now? Spring affords customers the perfect opportunity to upgrade their HVAC system with a brand new AC unit. It’s time to call on the professionals at Qual-Tech Air Conditioning and Heating to help you select and install a new, energy-efficient unit.

Seek the SEER

It’s not just about getting a new air conditioning unit though. It’s about getting the right unit. Technologically speaking, AC units have come a long way in the past few years. They run colder and more powerful with a lower overall energy consumption.

The key is finding and installing a unit with a high SEER rating. SEER stands for the “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.” Generally speaking, the higher the SEER rating, the more savings you can expect over time. SEER is a measure of the AC unit’s cost of operation which is derived by dividing the AC unit’s cooling output by the electricity that it uses.

The higher an AC unit’s SEER rating is, the more efficiently it will cool your home or office space Older AC units usually operated somewhere in the 10 SEER level range. Modern day, top-of-the-line units can have a rating of 20 or more.

Over time, an AC unit with a high SEER rating can save you significantly on your property’s cooling costs. Moving from an older AC unit with a rating of 10 SEER to an improved efficiency unit of 20 SEER can save you up to an estimated $3,000 over 5 years. Try out our SEER calculator to determine your potential savings.

Upgrade your AC with Qual-Tech

We all know that Arizona summers can get hot, humid, and just plain uncomfortable. Why not take the opportunity this spring to prepare yourself? Have the professionals at Qual-Tech Air Conditioning and Heating help you pick out and install a new, energy-efficient air conditioning unit to help you beat the coming summer heat.
SEER Calculator

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and it measures the annual energy consumption and efficiency of the unit’s cooling ability in typical day-to-day use. The higher the SEER value, the less energy the unit will use. Many older residential air conditioning systems in the U.S. may have a SEER number of 10 or less. The good news for homeowners in the market for a new air conditioner or heat pump is that current high-efficiency residential equipment can boast SEER values of 25 or higher. Higher SEER units typically cost less to run, which can save homeowners money on energy costs.

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Misty Love
Misty Love
Qual-Tech was recommended and we are very pleased with their service. John was very professional and friendly over the phone. Christian was attentive and very informative with servicing our unit. We will definitely be using Qual-Tech again for our a/c needs. Thank you!
Kaj Johnson
Kaj Johnson
Qual-tech saved the day! 112 degrees today. John was able to get his technician, Christian, out the same day that they received the request. Christian arrived on time and took about 10 minutes to diagnose and to make the fix (he says it was the dual capacitor). Now, we just have to wait for the house to cool from 91 degrees. 😬 Thank you, gentlemen!
Jeff M
Jeff M
We recently had our 17-year-old HVAC replaced by Qual-Tech. From the first technician we met, George, to their install manager, Christian, and the entire install team, we were very impressed by their professionalism, honesty, timeliness, and courtesy. The owner, John, was always available to answer questions and did a great job communicating throughout the process. I highly recommend Qual-Tech for anyone looking for knowledgeable and quality HVAC service!
Howard Schutter
Howard Schutter
Qual Tech always uses the best equipment and installs it properly
Bill Robinson
Bill Robinson
The Qual-Tech team were amazing to work with. Their followup was excellent. The gentleman that came out, George, was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain what the issue was. He was very careful entering the attic access inside the house and cleaned up once he finished. Everything is working fine, thank goodness with the cold weather that has entered the Surprise area. I would highly recommend Qual-Tech air conditioning / heating to anyone.
John Kehoe
John Kehoe
I'd like to say a few words about this company. John (Owner) and his crew.. Have gone above and beyond for me and for my Extremely odd experience with my Brand new A/C .. and heating system.. Not gonna get into to much detail.. But John and crew showed up for me fast and handled the situation from day one for me and got me back to having heat in just a few days. Stellar experience and would highly recommend them to any and all who's looking for services in this area.. They are professional and kind and curtious in everything they do.. 6 stars 🌟 outta five.. 😎